A Note on Technology

When I was sketching the technical dimension of this work, I wanted to go with the easiest consumer grade technology, hence, decided to use GoPro cameras for time lapse and a webcam for streaming. I knew that the set up was complex because of overhead installation, streaming and multiple cameras, so I wanted to use the easiest, most accessible tools.

We’ve had three installation days so far and a good 70% of our time every day has been taken by getting the cameras to work with our computers and back up system. We’re using GoPro Hero 5 Blacks for time lapse + softwares Quik for download and, for remote control, Capture (on mobile devices) and Camera Suite (on computers).

The biggest problem has been with the overhead mounted camera especially in downloading the data. We think it’s mostly caused by the length of the USB cables that connect the camera to the power source on the wall and the computer for download. The process has been unreliable. Connections get lost and we get software or hardware errors. One minute we run a test and everything works. The next minute, something goes wrong. Surprisingly, the hardest task is getting the GoPro to communicate with my Macbook. So much for consumer grade tech.

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