Month: February 2017

February 11

Today was the last day of the project… I am sad to see Gita leave yet I am so pleased with the project and the response to the project. We had two journalism students join us; they will be creating

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February 10

We came in this morning to see the last six sheets hung on the wall…BEAUTIFUL! I love the way that the writing is beginning to immerse the viewer. More University of Ottawa students came back with Andrea F. today to

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February 9

Another busy day here at the gallery. Gita completed three sessions today… over three hours of work. We had more classes visit and Justin W. came to document the work. We keep imagining that we will have time to sit

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February 8

Photo by Fiona Wright Today there were a few technical difficulties with the camera but this was overshadowed by a visit by Randi Klebanoff’s Humanities class. They were interested, attentive, and asked lots of questions. At the end of their

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February 6

The Gallery was closed today but we came in and downloaded footage, took up the paper on the floor, and laid new paper so that we are ready to start on Monday. The completed scrolls will be hung on the

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The Red

In old Farsi and Arabic manuscripts the color red was often used to complement black as a decorative or functional element, often combining both. I am using red as chapter markers (a convention from the 11th century on), and also

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Another Visual Reference

After the fall of the Sasssanian Empire to Islam and invasion of Iranshahr in the 7th century AD, the old Pahlavi script was replaced with Arabic script. This is how Farsi came to be written using the Arabic letters. The

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A Visual Reference

I am using this as a visual inspiration. The epic poem The Book of Kings, as the name indicates, is all about kings, myths and legends and, with a few exceptions, all the characters are men. But Grounding is about

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Ink, Brush, Paper, Body, Camera

I managed to write 4 scrolls (3.5 x 12 f) sheets today, in two sessions, in about two and a half hours. I struggled with my brushes the first couple of days of writing during the rehearsal and the first

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GoPro Challenge

A large part of our time was spent in dealing with GoPro cameras. Yes, we’re using them in ways they are not necessarily intended for. But that hasn’t been the problem. We were all new to GoPro Hero 5 Black,

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