Month: February 2017

February 3

Writing… women writing, women’s writing… in process, a process of translation and transmission. Intimate moments revealed, shared, witnessed and transcribed. Document and documents… in multiple spaces and times.

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February 2

Technology… is slowing us down, but we were able to live-stream today and Gita put brush and ink to paper: Exciting! A variety of visitors: Art History Society, Andrea Fitzpatrick and her students from UofO and some walk-ins. I am

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A Note on Technology

When I was sketching the technical dimension of this work, I wanted to go with the easiest consumer grade technology, hence, decided to use GoPro cameras for time lapse and a webcam for streaming. I knew that the set up

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February 1

Another work day prepping the space and finessing the digital elements. We finally laid the paper down. I love the look of the space – everything is exposed. It really looks like something in process rather than something finished. Ming

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